Thesis Music, LLC.

Product for the Creator Class

Our Mission

Quality Products For Creators

Thesis Music, LLC. is a product innovation company that was built for the creator class - podcasters, YouTubers, streamers, music producers, and influencers.We offer innovative, high-quality products that are designed to help creators take their creations to the next level, always at an affordable value because we believe in supporting the next generation of content creators.

Our Vision

For Creators, By Creators

We started out as content creators ourselves. Our cofounder produces music as a hobby (, and realized that there wasn't a brand that really represented creators as a whole.He noticed there are plenty of large brands that sell production equipment, but in a lot of cases, in order to get a quality product, he had to pay pro prices.He knew there had to be a better way, so he left his job and started Thesis Music in order to build a brand that creators would be proud to support.

Our Values

The Thesis Music Philosophy

  • Creators first - We keep creators in mind at all times.

  • Shitty first drafts - We get to the first draft as quickly as possible.

  • Polish, not perfection - Perfection is impossible, polish is perfect.

  • Make a lot of pottery - test, learn, and then iterate, iterate, iterate.

  • Always be progressing - Get better or die trying.

Thesis Music Products

Our Brands

AudiGlow™ LED-Lighted Sound Absorption Panels